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Getting Started with FYB-SG

Getting started with FYB-SG Guide (PDF)

Can a foreigner open an account with FYB-SG?

Yes, we will require images of a government-issued photo ID and an address documentation for proof of residency during registration on the Verify Account page.
Do note that you need to have a Singapore bank account or Maybank Malaysian bank account to withdraw fiat.

How do i change my password?

You can change your password by using the Forgot Password feature.

I am getting an OTP prompt when logging in, but did not receive any SMS.

The OTP can be obtained from the Google Authenticator app.

I am changing my phone, how do i transfer my Google Authenticator settings to the new phone.

Google Authenticator does not support transferring of accounts between devices.
You will need to login using your old phone and disable 2FA on the Security page, then re-enable for a new QR code for your new phone.
If you have lost your phone without a backup of your 2FA Key and are unable to login, contact support to request a reset of your 2FA.

Where can i find my FYB Code?

It can be found on the deposit page, in the bank deposit details box.
The code is unique to your account and must show on our statement in order for your account to be credited.

How does trading work?

You simply key in the quantity of Bitcoins you wish to buy/sell and the price(exchange rate) in the respective buy/sell field and click the Buy/Sell button. Once you have executed a trade, the following chain of events take place :

1. FYB will try to fill your order with other pending orders at the same or better price than you indicated.

In other words if you try to buy 1BTC at $25000, Fyb will try to fill your order with the lowest selling price orders up till $25000. If there are sell orders below $25000, you will be filled at a better rate.

2. If your entire order is filled, execution stops. If there is a partial fill(ie. only 0.8BTC could be bought at/below $25000) then the remaining qty is listed as a pending order(Buy Pending Order 0.2BTC at $25000)

Is the Bitcoin deposit address for my account unique, does it change?

Your deposit address is unique to your account and is not shared with any other account for receiving deposits. Any new payments to the address will be reflected in your FYB-SG bitcoin balance.(Note this does not apply to withdrawals, withdrawal of BTC can come from different addresses and therefore the actual Bitcoin balance of your deposit address is not representative of your FYB-SG Bitcoin Balance).

How much are the fees for executed trades?

Market Orders : 0.6%
Limit Orders : 0.3%
Market orders refer to trades where your order is filled instantly by matching against an existing order on the orderbook.
Limit orders refer to trades where your order price is not at market rates and is pending on the orderbook and filled at a later time.

I did a FAST bank transfer, how long before my account is credited?

Your deposit will be credited within 1 working day upon receiving your funds.

Which banks can i withdraw fiat to?

You may withdraw to any Singapore Bank account(You will need your Bank Code,Bank Account number) or any Maybank Malaysia bank account.
Please note that withdrawals to Maybank Malaysia will incur additional RegionLink Bank charges.

I can't seem to submit the Verify Account form, it keeps returning to the same page.

Common reasons for submission failure of Verification form are as follows:

1) Did not fill up all fields
2) Images larger than 250KB
3) Image not in png/jpg format(PDF is not accepted)
4) Using older versions of Internet Explorer(try Chrome or Firefox instead)
5) Did not submit 2 images (If you have both ID and address in 1 image, use the same image for both options)

Upon successful submission, the Verify Account page will show a Pending verification message.

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